Greetings, Russian Fans!

My blog has now been live for a couple of months, and in all that time just two people have been moved to respond (I’m not counting the spammers that I am too tight-fisted to have weeded out automatically). So am I mostly talking to myself?

Well, according to statistics provided by my ISP, I am not. My blog has had thousands of visitors. Which begs the question, who are these people?

None of them left their e-Mail addresses, even with the incentive of a free poem on a subject of their choice, but the Web Servers log some information, and it makes curious reading.

Thirty percent of them accessed the blog from the former Soviet Union, mostly the Russian Federation and the Ukraine. Countries that I have never visited, whose languages are incomprehensible to me, and whose web-sites I have to access through Google Translate.

Nearly all these users claimed to be using Firefox. Whilst I applaud their devotion to open Web standards and an Internet that isn’t dominated by US Technology Giants, isn’t it more than odd that there wasn’t a single hit from an Apple iPhone or Google Chrome?

Whilst I would like to avoid racial stereotyping it all screams “Russian Hackers”!

But why? Could one of you please enlighten me?

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  1. Because it costs them very little, they have nothing else useful to do, and maybe they’ll find some way of tricking you into giving them money.

    Or power. Do you have extra power lying around? Are you lonely? Would you trade some time with an awkward speaker of English in exchange for that power or money?

    I don’t think you are their intended prey.

    I keep having to get rid of the inept who attempt to engage me in conversation that quickly goes inappropriate, on places such as FB and Wattpad, and occasionally on my blog (very occasionally – Akismet blocks most of that).

    Some people enjoy stringing the scammers and spammers along, but I don’t find it any fun – the ick factor is too large.

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